Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler: A must have for all food trucks

Are you looking for a new Panini press for your food truck? Then look no more, Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler is the best panini press you could get in today’s market for commercial and home use.

This Griddler offers you all the grilling options that are out there and also grills quickly and efficiently. With this panini press, you can be sure that your meat will be delicious and juicy but that’s not all, this panini press looks great too. It has a modern look to it and can be cleaned very easily which makes it a popular choice for most users.


The Cuisinart GR-4N Griddler doesn’t cost a lot with $99 and is known to be able to grill red meats efficiently. It acts both as a panini press and a grill and provides you with 200 square inches to grill your food items. Its non-stick cooking space makes it popular to grill most items without burning them and makes this a favorite appliance of most users.

The good bad and the ugly 🙂


This 5-in-1 panini press can efficiently grill red meat and provides sufficient temperature for a proper grilling process and thus not just the ideal model for food trucks the perfect home panini press as well. It is also quick to grill your food items and ensures that all your food items have the desirable grill marks on them. It uses electricity which makes it easier to use, you just need to plug it in and place your food items and the machine will start heating up and cooking.

This panini press comes with a brushed stainless steel housing which makes it look attractive and helps in it matching your kitchen interiors with ease. It is also cheap and can be cleaned easily and quickly. It collects all the grease from the machine’s drain into a greased tray which can be thrown out after cooking is completed.

It includes a non-stick surface which makes the whole cooking process simpler and cleaner. This panini press is ideal for all those people who don’t like to cook as it is simple to use and with a few steps, you can get homemade food without spending a lot of bucks. You can use this machine to make a variety of dishes like waffles, panini sandwiches, grilled vegetables, etc.


Although this machine comes with a non-stick surface, it is not going to last forever. It is not as durable as other panini press due to its low price and will break down after regular usage. Its non-stick surface will get chipped first and then slowly its plastic parts will start coming off.

Keep in mind though if you are looking for an authentic BBQ flavor, then you are looking in the wrong direction. For the flavor, you’ll need to spice up with some hot pepper or maybe a smoker.

This Griddler will grill your food items but your meat will be a little greasy and moist, and won’t have that charred taste. It is also extremely hot which might harm you if you don’t pay attention.


Overall, this is a great panini press for all those who like to cook meals for their family and would like to grill and makes various delicacies using a budget appliance.

If you have any doubts regarding the Cuisinart grinder, reach us here.

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