Kitchen tips : How to troubleshoot your food truck’s coffee Machine

Sometimes your coffee maker might stop working and you would be left without your daily dose of coffee. We all hate on missing out on our coffee. Well, there are a few reasons as to why your coffee maker is not working anymore.

It could be clogged or its parts might be loose but all of these are easily fixable. You just need to know how to troubleshoot the issue and your coffee will be working again and giving you the most delicious cup of coffee again.

Here are a few tips and hacks to help you out in troubleshooting your coffee maker’s problems and getting that perfect cup of coffee back.


There are a few common problems which are faced by users when using a coffee maker. You might notice that the water is not flowing properly into the pot or that your coffee maker has stopped working.

You might also notice that your coffee tastes weird for a few days. These are some of the most common issues faced when using a coffee maker but not to worry because these are easy to resolve, between drip coffee makers are best coffee maker available on the market.


So, once you have determined that your coffee maker isn’t functioning as it should, you need to find the root cause of this problem. More often than not the reason for a coffee maker’s malfunction is that the water tube connecting to the coffee maker is clogged or there are debris and mineral deposits inside the machine which are affecting the coffee maker’s functioning.

Another common reason for your coffee maker not working is that its thermostat might be broken or its pump valve might be damaged. The water might not be flowing through the coffee maker because either your heater is broken, or your timer, or your pump valve. So, you need to check all these parts before you go on to find a solution.


Once you know the root cause of your coffee maker’s malfunctioning, you just need to find a viable solution for the problem. If the problem is damaged heater, timer, or valve pump, then you can simply get those replace and your coffee maker will be as good as new.

You might need to call customer service in such cases because one wrong move in fitting your coffee maker could lead to further damage, you can also use coffee brewers to make good coffee( Here is the list of best coffee brewers)

If the cause of malfunctioning is clogged water pipe or mineral deposits inside the coffee maker, then you would need to clean your coffee maker to clear out all the debris and deposits.

You can use a vinegar solution or a descaling solution to remove all the deposits and make sure that you clean your coffee maker thoroughly. Once you have cleaned the pipes and the insides, make sure that you perform regular cleaning to avoid this issue again.


Make sure that you unplug your coffee maker before trying to troubleshoot the problem or there is a chance that you might get electrocuted. This is extremely important and should definitely not be ignored.

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